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 I have something that's very important to me that I would like to share. I am looking for my birth sister. My  mom had to put her up for adoption because she was unwed. I first learned of my sister when I was 10  years old. My mom and I have been searching for her for what seems like forever. I have posted my info  several times on adoption registries and my mom has written to the state of Missouri and registered in case someone is looking for us!                                                                                                                          

 Maybe adoption has touched your family too. I want to share my adoption sites with you. There are  several  great links for you to investigate including several great adoption registries . Maybe one of the  stories will  be familiar to you or you will recognize a birthday. The more people who read and register  the better.

  There are so many lost souls out there. Everyone should know their heritage. It should be a basic right.   Records should be unsealed if an adult adoptee is in search of their birth history. Please contact your.   local legislators about changing the laws so records can be opened.

                                                         Thank you and here is my information:

Since the original posting here I have in fact found my sister. To maintain privacy I have replaced the personal information with an explaination of that information to give you an idea of what kind of information you need to know. Here's hoping helps.

(Sex of child) born (Date) in (City, State)

Adopted through (the agency that handled the adoption)

Born at (Hospital, and where it is located)

The Childs Birth name (even if it has been changed since)

(Age at adoption)

Birth mom's name at the time : ___________. Her DOB is ______. Race, height, build, hair and eye color , ancestry, any

medical conditions at the time and occupation.. Current marital status and for how long..

Father's name : ______ ______ _____ (Full name if you know it)

The same information as offered above for the father. 

The mother was told the baby was being adopted by 2 young college graduates. Maybe a professor and/or an attorney(???)

I don't have much other info to go on. I can only hope and pray Judy Lynn is looking for us. Thanks for  checking out my adoption links. Maybe you will recognize a posting. Maybe you could pass along my   web page to a friend who is also searching. Please feel free to send me your adoption links.The more I have the better! Please also let me know if you have any suggestions for my page.

New info obtained from the birth medical records received 1/15:

Baby was born at 1:36pm. Weighed 3980 grams. Social worker's name was B. Engle. Resident physician was Dr. Gary Robinson. Attending physician was Dr. David Hall.

Delivered by Dlabel M/3. On (date) there is a notation that reads: This patient has signed relinquishment papers for her baby. I am contacting the home county welfare worker about coming for the child. Signed B. Engle, Social Services. Baby born in Boone county. Mom stayed with foster parents named Jack and Elaine Meyer who lived at Route 3 Columbia,MO. Listed on admission form as friend is Eva L. Allen also at Route 3 but my mom doesn't know this person. Maybe Eva was someone involved with the adoption who might have information.

Thank you and God Bless You.

As you can see from the above information, absolutely nothing was treated as trivial. You just never know what piece of information will give you that much needed break that jog someone's memory and can get the ball rolling.

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